Celebrate the wonderful festival of Raksha Bandhan by sending Rakhi and Rakhi gifts to your loved ones in Punjab.
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Words fall short when it comes to expressing the emotions and bonding that exists between a brother and sister. The lifelong sharing of numerous joys, sorrows, secrets and dreams makes brothers and sister best friends and all-time confidants of each other. To commemorate this bond the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great reverence not just across the length breadth of India but by people of Indian origin across the globe. This wonderful event is celebrated in the month of Shravan according to the Hindu calendar, which coincides with the month of August as per the Gregorian calendar. On this day sister ties the holy thread of Rakhi on her brotherís wrist and prays for his well being, while the brother takes the oath to protect her from all harm.

If this year due to some reason you will not be able to meet your siblings and relatives living in Punjab, India but still want to make your presence felt in their lives, then visit us online. Our customer friendly online gifting portal is the perfect way for you to send Rakhi to Punjab effortlessly and at affordable prices. The gifts exchanged on Raksha Bandhan are considered a token of love that siblings present to each other to show their appreciation, thus place your order now and we will deliver your presents to your loved ones no matter in which city of Punjab they live in. Our Rakhi and gift delivery network is present across Punjab be it the stateís capital Chandigarh or the city of the Golden Temple, Amritsar or the industrial towns of Jalandhar and Ludhiana along with the majestic city of Patiala.

You can send Rakhi to Punjab from the comfort of your home, wherever in the world you may reside. The state of Punjab is much talked about due to its mouth watering cuisine, colorful culture and glorious history. Most of the population of the state practices Sikhism and Hinduism, thus all the Hindu festivals, including Rakhi are celebrated here with incredible fervor. If you are confused as in what to send from our vast collection of gift items, which includes accessories, exclusive food hampers, gadgets, exquisite decoration pieces etc. Then fret not, our customer care team will be more than happy to help you through the entire selecting as well as ordering process. Take quick action and send Rakhi to Punjab and add festive cheer into the lives of your loved ones.

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